Cities are defined and remembered by the life between buildings, the public realm; the vibrancy brewed only by proper configuration and design of buildings, uses, transportation, and open spaces. The members of the Space Between Design Studio are proven experts at merging all of these into the creation of memorable magnetic spaces suitable for commercial vitality, livable cities, and lovable communities; all necessary and oft forgotten ingredients of sustainability.
Shaping the Urban DNA 
We specialize in both the objective and subjective aspects of urbanism.  First, the objective is the processes and impulses that shape urban form over time and the creation and design of networks for urban functionality and mobility.  We understand that first and foremost, a city is the platform for social and economic exchange.  And in the 21st century we believe a city can and should maximize this ability for all while doing so in a cleaner and greener manner than ever before.  Second, our designers have exquisite taste in the detailed design of public spaces that are pleasant, humanistic people spaces that encourage human interaction where appropriate or allow for peaceful realms for quiet reflection if and where appropriate.
Science - Planning the Urban Genotype
Part of our expertise comes from an understanding of what makes for magnetic, lively urban places that are vital economically and sustainable environmentally. We apply a classic problem-solving approach to our understanding of a site's underlying dynamics. This allows us to accurately identify and assess both opportunities and constraints, while preparing the coding and infrastructure to support high quality urban design.
Art - Designing the Urban Phenotype
When a site is ready for detailed design, we stimulate the senses in order to create magnetic people places. Every project we do reveals something original, something potent and something vital. These following project examples are just a sampling of some of our local projects which offer a glimpse into our passionate and influential work within the Dallas area.